Wednesday Wine Pick – 8/15


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Line 39 Merlot 2016. With a little help from my friends @line39wine  I’ve now made it through all of the Line 39 offerings.

The color is a translucent plum with a bright ruby rim. The nose if faint but with a little coaxing you can find blackberry that fades quickly, fresh diced peppers, and menthol. It sounds strange but it’s not unpleasant. Flavors are ripe blackberry, cherries, black tea and cracked pepper. Silky tannins on a long, long warming finish.

This is not a big, brooding Merlot. It’s on the lighter side with a good bit of residual sugars but not so much to make it jammy sweet. This is a solid mid-week Merlot for around $10. I give it 86 points IMHO.

Winemaker’s Corne


I recently touched base with my friend Bruce Prothro of Prothro Family Wines and asked him what he’s been drinking lately other than his wines.

He said, “That is an interesting question. We have to do a lot of tasting to stay current with trends, other producers, vineyards, etc. After a while, you can start to develop palate fatigue and everything kind of blends together. So, we find ourselves reaching for different things to have a different palate experience – Rioja because we’ve always loved old world Spanish wines, pinot because it’s not Cab or Merlot, Znfandel for their absolutely upfront, pragmatic fruit, always Sauvignon Blanc because of it’s great fruit and acidity, and some Roses because we make one and need to compare what else is out there, and often overlooked French wines – Morgan, Saint-Chinian, Saint Joseph. Lately, we’ve found ourselves drinking Oregon wines because they are different than the typical CA wines. In the end, it’s all about experimenting, keeping the palate alive and fresh, and looking forward at what’s coming or what could be.”

Great insights. Thanks Bruce

Wednesday Wine Pick – 8/8


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Josh Cellars Pinot Noir 2016.

Pale cranberry in color with a clear rim. The nose is graphite, cedar shavings, some floral notes and a touch of menthol. Very nice. The flavors are tart cherry, strawberry, cranberry and black pepper. Silky tannins. A long, long warming finish with a touch of oak. Very pleasant.

This is a well crafted mid-week Pinot for around $15. I give it 87 points IMHO.

Wednesday Wine Pick – 8/1


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Line 39 Petite Sirah 2016.

Pretty, deep ruby with an inky core and a bright pink rim. The nose is floral, lavender, tobacco and a hint of orange peel. Very inviting. The flavors are rich; blackberry, strawberry, baking spices and just a hint of cassis. Grippy tannins. Persistent finish with a spicy kick and a touch of oak.

Up to now my favorite of the Line 39 lineup was the Pinot Noir but I think it’s been replaced. This is a quality Petite Sirah. It needs about 2 hours to really open up. It paired well with spaghetti and meat sauce. I give it 89 points IMHO. Great value at around $10.

Wednesday Wine Pick – 7/18


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Luc Pirlet Reserve Pinot Noir 2016.

Very bright, translucent ruby in color with a clear rim. The nose is blueberries, raspberry, licorice, cedar shavings and graphite. The flavors are cranberry, cigar box, licorice and cola. Grippy tannins. Long, long warming finish – lingers forever.

A very solid and pleasant Pinot for around $15. My only complaint is that it’s just a bit flat in the middle. It needs a couple of hours to really open up. I give it 88 points IMHO.

Count-ing the Years


We got to spend some time with some of our best friends and helped them celebrate their 30th anniversary. In honor of this milestone my friend Rick brought out the Buena Vista “The Count” Founders Red Wine 2008. Patience has it’s rewards. I think that goes for both wine and marriage.

What a gem. Time has been it’s friend. Lovely, deep garnet with a pale plum rim. It has an almost oily sheen to it. Long, thin legs that slowly ease down the sides of the glass. The nose is quite interesting; blackberry, cassis, licorice, salt cured olives and faint raspberry. The flavors are blackberry jam, blueberry, licorice, and baking spices – delicious! Silky, fully integrated tannins. The finish slowly builds to spicy and lingers quite long. Wonderful!

If you have one of these, I would drink it within the next couple of years. It think it is peaking right now. Just an overall lovely wine and I thank my friends for letting us be a part of their celebration. I give it 93 points IMHO.

Line 39 California Chardonnay 2017


I’ve really been enjoying the Line 39 wines recently and was bemoaning that I couldn’t find a few of their offerings here in the Atlanta area. My good friends at Line 39 took pity on me and sent me the ones I couldn’t find to try out. I didn’t waste any time breaking into the 2017 Chardonnay.

Very pale, shimmering gold with a silver hue. The nose is buttered popcorn and honeyed apples. The flavors are citrus , crisp apple, pear and faint oak. It has a really nice spicy finish that is very persistent. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but thoroughly enjoyable. I thought the flavors were actually a little better the closer it got to room temp.

This Chard would be a welcome guest at your next backyard BBQ. I give it 87 points IMHO.