From San Fran to Sonoma


This is was our last day in San Francisco before heading to Sonoma. There were no surprise tasting rooms today. This is mostly a tourist post, if you just want to read about the one wine tasted today scroll to the end.

We had to take a trolley car ride as we had not done that up to this point. It’s kind of scary that something this old can handle the hills of San Francisco. We strolled around the Union Square area for a while until it was time to pick up our rental car to head to Sonoma. The wives in our party wanted to go see the Full House house and the Painted Ladies. So, of course, that is what we did.

Finally, finally, we are headed to Sonoma. It only takes about an hour or so to get there, but with the anticipation, it seemed much longer. We’re finally out of the city. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed San Francisco. But now that I’ve done it once I have no reason to go back. I like the elbow room of the countryside better. We get off the main highway, round a bend and get our first glimpse of a vineyard. I guess this means we’ve officially arrived. But sadly, there are no winery visits on our schedule today. We were kind of late getting out of the city and we still needed to settled into our rental house. We had to stop and get supplies, blah, blah, blah. Most of the vineyards close their tasting rooms around 5 p.m., it wasn’t in the cards for today.


Once we settled into our home for the week we noticed a wine cooler in the kitchen. The best part was that it had wine in it. The owner set up an honor system wine bar. If you drink a wine replace it with something interesting. What a great concept. We found a gem from the Dry Creek area of Sonoma county waiting for us inside; Wilson Winery Nolan Zinfandel 2014. What a pleasant surprise. Tasting Notes can be found HERE.

After tasting this wine, I very much wanted to go visit the winery. Unfortunately, Dry Creek is at the very north end of Sonoma valley and we just never made it that far. I’m going to try and find a few of their other wines to see if they are all this good. If so I may be joining their club.

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