“Wine Diamonds”


One of the wonders of this wine journey we are all on, is that I seem to learn something new everyday. I recently attended a Caymus tasting at my local Total wine store. One of wines we tasted was the Red Schooner Malbec Voyage 3. At the bottom of the glass these tiny crystals could be seen. They are tartrate cystal or “wine diamonds”.

I’m not going to delve into the science, but tartrates are naturally found in all grapes. Modern wine making processes have mostly eliminated these “wine diamonds” from appearing in your favorite wines. The downside is that these processes can strip away some of the flavors in the wine. So if you ever find “wine diamonds”, don’t be alarmed, embrace them. Their presence indicates you have a wine that has not been overly processed and all of the flavor is still in the bottle.


Tasting notes for Red Schooner Malbec Voyage 3. The Voyage 3 is the 2012 vintage. The grapes are grown in Argentina and shipped, nearly frozen, to Wagner. The resulting wine is amazing. This was the surprise wine of the Caymus tasting mentioned above. The color is a deep, inky purple with a bright burgundy rim. The nose leaps out of the glass to greet you with berry cobbler, tobacco and some earthy notes. The flavors are rich, ripe fruit; blackberry jam, licorice, ripe plums and some earthy notes. This wine is dense, chewy and delicious. Firm tannins. It has a long warming finish with a slight touch of oak. The is a powerful, yet restrained wine. It has changed the way I think about Malbecs and a bargain at $49. I give it 93 points IMHO.

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