Aglianico Exploration


I’m continuing my exploration of the aglianico grape. I’m trying a few old world examples to get a baseline idea of what this grape is about before moving on to the Aglianico expressions by my friends at West of Temperance Winery 🔸 Tenuta del Portale Agliancio del Vuture 2013. Gorgeous, deep ruby color with a pale plum rim. The nose rises from the glass to greet you with anise, blackberry, lavender, cocoa and hints of fresh cracked peppercorn. The flavors are not as complex as the nose. But they are bright; tart cranberry, tea leaves and oak. Racy tannins. This 2013 still seems very young. Lovely, long thin legs. A rather short, dry finish. A very nice wine but not terribly complex. It needed a 3 hour decant to open up. I give it 88 points IMHO.

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