Experiment in Aging Inexpensive Wine


An experiment in aging inexpensive wine: Columbia Crest Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 🍷

I bought two of these about three years ago. I drank one at the time and set this one aside until now. It was interesting to look back at my notes to see what has changed over the course of three years 🍇

It is a lovely dark ruby with a pale plum rim. Then it was plums and figs on the nose, now it is prunes, licorice and buttered toast. Then, the flavors were dark berries, plums and a buttery middle. Now they are dark cherry, licorice, cocoa and an herbal note. Much more complex now. It has silky tannins that didn’t really come out for about 3 hours. I had no notes on the finish at the time but now it is long and spicy 🍷

Three years ago I gave it a solid 85 points. Now I give it an 88. The purchase price was about $10. Are 3 points worth 3 years? If you have time I suppose it its.

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