Winemaker’s Corne


I recently touched base with my friend Bruce Prothro of Prothro Family Wines and asked him what he’s been drinking lately other than his wines.

He said, “That is an interesting question. We have to do a lot of tasting to stay current with trends, other producers, vineyards, etc. After a while, you can start to develop palate fatigue and everything kind of blends together. So, we find ourselves reaching for different things to have a different palate experience – Rioja because we’ve always loved old world Spanish wines, pinot because it’s not Cab or Merlot, Znfandel for their absolutely upfront, pragmatic fruit, always Sauvignon Blanc because of it’s great fruit and acidity, and some Roses because we make one and need to compare what else is out there, and often overlooked French wines – Morgan, Saint-Chinian, Saint Joseph. Lately, we’ve found ourselves drinking Oregon wines because they are different than the typical CA wines. In the end, it’s all about experimenting, keeping the palate alive and fresh, and looking forward at what’s coming or what could be.”

Great insights. Thanks Bruce

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