Michael David Petite Petit 2015


Fun label – serious wine.

I had this a couple of years ago. I remembered that it was good. But I kind of forgot how good. Sometimes I think I spend too much time chasing the next great find instead of just being content with great wines I already know. Anybody else feel my pain?

This wine is a beauty. Deep ruby, almost inky with a bright pink rim. The nose is interesting; a lot of unique layers that all come together nicely. Aromas of ripe berries, licorice, sea spray and the faintest hint of mint. The flavors are rich and ripe; blackberry, anise, black cherry and oak. Grippy tannins. A long spicy finish.

It’s a great sipper and I didn’t pair it with anything, but I kept thinking how good it would be with a nice juicy, grilled ribeye. This is a lovely wine. I give it 91 points IMHO. At about $17 for this quality, it’s a steal.

Wednesday Wine Pick – 7/11


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Seven Peaks California Pinot Noir 2016.

Deep, translucent ruby in color with a clear rim. Light, perfumed aromas greet you gently; blueberry, lavender, raspberry with a touch of cedar and graphite. The flavors are ripe blackberry, dark cherry and sweetened cranberries. Silky tannins. It has a finish that goes on forever; initially oaky but fades to warming and spicy.

Very pleasant. Paired well with grilled pork tenderloin. A great value at about $12 from Total Wine. I give it 89 points IMHO.

Sapphire Hill Merleaux 2013



Translucent garnet in color with a pale plum rim. The nose lifts from the glass with notes of blackberry cobbler, vanilla, baking spices and cassis. Loaded with rich fruit flavors; cassis, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and cherry. Silky integrated tannins. A long, long warming finish.

It’s a bit on the sweet side, but a well crafted Merlot blend. I give it 90 points IMHO.

Wednesday Wine Pick – 7/4


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Paul Dolan Vineyards Mendicino County Zinfandel 2016.

Bright, translucent ruby with a clear rim. There is some evidence of very fine tartrate crystals or ‘wine diamonds’. The nose is cedar shavings, blueberry, ginger, orange peel and a hint of maple syrup. Very inviting. Flavors of raspberry, blueberry, vanilla, anise, black tea, dark cherry, cola and a hint of orange zest. Quite complex and a different flavor seems to express itself with each sip. Grippy tannins and a medium warming finish.

This is a well crafted and enjoyable wine. It might be worth putting a few of these in the cellar for a couple of years and wait to see what happens. Paired great with flatbread pizza. Good value at Costco for about $13. I give it 90 points IMHO.

Wednesday Wine Pick – 6/27


Each Wednesday I try to find a quality wine that won’t bust the budget. Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc 2015. I haven’t had a Sauv Blanc in a while, but at the suggestion of my friends @line39wine I decided to give theirs a try.

Almost clear with just a faint hint of gold. Nose of orange blossom, white peach, freshly cut apple, minerals and some sweetness that rolls into a healthy dose of oak. Long, spicy finish. Quite refreshing as hot as it’s been here.

Well crafted, enjoyable wine. This would be a welcome guest at your next backyard BBQ. Great value at about $10. I give it 88 points IMHO.